As a career coach, I listen to so many stories about the career path one takes and the hurdles that have to be overcome in order to move forward. Some of the stories are really good. People don’t recognize how cool their story is and if they take that narrative and market themselves properly, it can be a great support tool for their BRAND MESSAGE.

I deal with Career Disruption, Career Transition and help people create a Personal Career Development plan and often, a common thread is – “I can’t”.

You can tell me the 100 reasons why you can’t do something and all I want is ONE reason why you can.

It’s a simple process. If you want to enclose yourself with a self-made wall – go ahead. But if you are really interested in moving your career forward, really committed from the head and the heart, you will be ABLE to provide the reason that ENABLES you to do it.

Don’t DISABLE yourself. ENABLE yourself. It’s so much more rewarding to move forward and not watch everything pass you by.

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