Ever think about your career as a workout? Well, it is. You need to stay in shape, you need be in shape and you need to work at it to maintain it.

Like going to a gym or a fitness center, you have a routine. You put in the time and you make time. It’s a diet of commitment and nutrition.

It’s all about sustainability. When you are looking for a job, an intern position or you are on the hunt for your ‘what’s next’, can you manage a solid maintenance program? That’s the key here – maintenance.

Routines, if not managed well – get dull. They become mundane. They can be boring. You have to mix things up from time to time in order to keep it interesting. Looking for a job, an intern spot, a career pivot or a full career re-invention can definitely take its toll. It is HARD WORK. No different than going to a gym to work-out, it requires some thought, some dedication and of course – COMMITMENT. It becomes your responsibility to make the changes you decide to make. It begins with a decision; a plan and then you commit and make it YOUR OBLIGATION, as you owe this to yourself. A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish.

Career Fitness requires a head for understanding the trends taking place in your world so you CAN make quality decisions. Exercise that brain by reading, researching, talking, networking, exploring, engaging your peers, examine industry data, make inquiries, ask questions, study and give it all a good think.

Make each part of the journey interesting. Change things up from time to time. Keep it simple – Keep it subtle, but definitely stir it differently so you don’t fall into a rut. Complacency only makes you stale and you lose your edge. Gotta maintain the edge. Keep it sharp, keep it strong and keep it fit.

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