Instinctively, when we have a problem, we begin to hunt for a solution. Seems reasonable……Doesn’t it?

Best place to find meaningful answers is to ask good questions and if you have it together, you find an explanation that will lead you to a resolution. When it comes to career changes, often we are presented with what appears to be a series of problems. The end game, the ultimate objective is to ease the worry, the complications and find a way that comfortably gets you from one place to another.

It all begins with the questions you ask, and if you are not finding satisfactory results with those questions, perhaps you need to take a step back and ask different questions. There can be several ways to position things as you look for answers.

2+2 will always equal 4, but so does 3+1. As long as you get to ‘4’, you will be OK.

Identify some of the issues you are experiencing and think, ‘how can I fix this?’ What are the key problems in need of a good fix? What are your pain points? As you begin to take things apart, in order to complete your professional restoration, you will see that some of your questions are just not that simple to deal with and with that, you just might need to re-position things knowing that you will find a different perspective that provides a solid remedy for what ails you.

Career Transition can be so overwhelming that you can loose sight of what is practical and begin to think from a deep and dark place that takes you off course and you start to bump into walls. Before you knock yourself silly – STOP, take a deep breath and get your head right. Think about the goals, objectives, intentions and let desire, passion and above all – PURPOSE drive you. If you are not satisfied with answers, ask different questions.

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