My business model as a career coach is pretty simple. You are the BRAND, the product, the service and when you are looking for a job, make no mistake, you are BRANDING yourself. You are selling yourself. You are marketing yourself. Like any BRand, product or service, you will have competition. So, you must ask yourself, ‘what will separate me from the others?’

If you plan well, do your homework, get your head around the market, you will in fact, find something. The key is to find something that will scratch that itch. What will BRing you satisfaction?

Get your BRain in the right place. Take a deep BReath and do some valuable research to help get some market research in place so you can create a strategic plan and navigate how you will cross the BRidge from where you are to where you will be.

Along the way, you will need to BRoadcast your skills and accomplishments. Let them know what you can do. What can you BRing to the table? What is your added value? In order to BReakaway from the rest of the pack, you will need to differentiate yourself. There is no ‘keep it BRief’ here – This is a process that will take time. It is anything but a BReeze. Frustration is part of it and at times things will feel BRoken. Your job is to stick with it, be persistent ad BRace yourself. Always hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You will find as you interview, network, research the marketplace and meet people, some will give you the BRushoff. Be BRave and learn to move on. Do not let this BRuise your ego. Looking for a job, as most of us know, can be BRutal, but as you begin to establish some rhythm you BReakthrough and find that next opportunity and all of sudden you realize all that work you have done makes you look and feel BRiliiant. Kudos to you, you have earned BRagging rights.

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