If you can get over it, you can get ON with it. I am an exception to the rule. I like change and think, in most cases, it’s healthy, useful and can lead to so many NEW opportunities. That said, most people don’t like change. It can be very disruptive on so many levels. Even a good change can mess with your mind. Having a baby, moving to new home, getting a new job, getting a promotion, somebody’s graduation, re-doing your kitchen, getting new clothes – These are all awesome changes in life, and despite all that, people’s lives are disrupted and that will create some stumbling blocks for you to think about and overcome. Do not stress about change and transition. Look it right in the eye and tell it to ‘kiss my tail’.

At the end of each day, you are in charge. You are driving the bus. You make the decisions. You can challenge yourself and YOU can make the difference. Its’ all about your attitude. Your mindset. How you feel. How you project.

As a Career Coach, my job is to provide my clients with a good sense of direction and help them cross the bridge from one part of life to another. Class to career, job to job or maybe help them pivot from one kind of career to something completely new and help them maintain a good mindset because no matter how it shakes out, transition is part of the process and it can def work on you. Its’ meaningless to me when my clients tell me the many reasons why they can’t accomplish something. My interest is not can’t – My focus is, as yours should be, is the ONE reason why you CAN do something.

Developing a negative path takes no work at all. It’s easy to get swallowed in all that. The difficult thing is creating a positive profile. That requires a lot of thinking, patience and energy. That’s real work, but necessary for success.

So when you are confronted with change, transition and something new – Take a good hard look at yourself and make a concerted effort to get on with it.

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