Are you looking for a job? Are you thinking about securing an internship? Are you considering a career pivot? Any time you are in the career ‘search’ mode, there has to be some thought process and a strategic plan that provides purpose. If not for purpose, where does the motivation come from? How will you get where you want to go? What are the tools you need? Have you identified all your resources? 

If you are driving somewhere or if you are on a trip and exploring a new city and want to see the ‘sights’, what do you do? You map it out. You program your GPS, get your head around the places you want to see and plot out, by use of time management, distance, possible obstacles in the way and calculate what lies ahead.

There should be technique driving this process – It will take thought, some skill and knowledge about the DESTINATION. That’s your target and ultimately, the only way to get there is with a plan. All of the competencies you have are part of the resources I mentioned, but none of that means anything unless you are committed to the JOURNEY. There must be an OBJECTIVE. There must be an END GOAL in mind. 

Often this ride can be tedious, at times difficult, maybe even depressing, but you must accept the fact that you are driving and although a good career coach might become your GPS, as I feel I fill that role, and help you navigate the ride, you are always in the driver’s seat. 

Your next opportunity is the destination and the ride can be bumpy, full of roadblocks, speed bumps and complications. Recognize but resist the difficulty that comes with the ride. Keep your eye on the road – You will get there

Kep Your Eye On The Road
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