You are on the job hunt. Maybe you are looking for an Internship while you are simultaneously doing your graduate or undergrad work at a university or maybe you feel the need to make the push and get a better job in place. Perhaps it’s driven by salary requirements or the need for a change in culture, work status, title or you just have to get the heck out of where you are. Whatever the reason(s) when the work ‘scratch’ need an itch, it’s up to you to initiate a plan and then get it in motion. Implementation is a key driver to getting that plan in place….or at least get it moving in the right direction.

So, what does that really mean? Glad you asked. It means that you formulate a plan, get your ‘stuff’ in order and proceed with conviction, point of view, self-assurance and the belief that you are the best and most qualified person on the market. It’s, at this point of commitment and recognition, the best fuel for the fire. CONFIDENCE is what you need do make a significant change. First is recognizing your need/desire for change. Second is the confidence to get that process in motion and then you need to act upon the commitment and make it happen.

I can lay-out a plan, help you build the confidence, help you develop a sense of self-possession, build courage and help you to believe in yourself, but at the end of each and every day, it is up to you to carry out and carry on.

With assistance from a coach like me or anyone that you have faith in to help guide you along the career path, you still need to remember, it’s a process and what is important to remember, is that you MUST keep your head in a good space, maintain patience and develop thick skin as you make things happen along the way. It just takes time and the attitude and the effort you exhibit is such a key factor. If you let it beat you, than you have let it hijack you and invade your space. If you let the bad moments beat you – You have already lost. That’s not the way to cross the career search threshold. Be an explorer. Be an infiltrator. Be an initiator. Access the appropriate information so that when you decide to push forward, you are ready to go and have the tools in place to make the journey more rewarding. Use good common sense, manage your time wisely and above all be PATIENT.

The last thing you want to do, as this career sequence can take time, drive a person nuts and wear you out, is, let it get the best of you, so maintain a good sense of self and do what you have to do to become successful at finding your ‘what’s next’. Do NOT lose your mind – control it.

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