Marvel at its very existence. Embrace the sight of each and every new dawn. They come and go so fast. We either take them for granted, miss to many meaningful things during our hectic and busy day, let too much slip by and unfortunately, we just take the precious time we are given and underestimate the true value of 24 hours.

For some dumb reason, we all need a kick in the ‘ass’ from time to time to bring us down to the place that requires some smart and insightful view of ourselves to recognize just how important every day is. Perspective comes, sometimes, at a price.

This time of year is when many think about gift giving, so I implore all of you that you must look at every new day for what it is; don’t wait – recognize each day for what it is – A GIFT.

Hours have a funny way of quickly becoming a day and days blur into weeks, months and before you know it – It’s another year past.

Reflectively, ask what have you done? What have you accomplished? Who have you helped? Who have you hurt? What are you going to do with this wonderful gift that the sunrise has given you?

Be prepared for setbacks. Be prepared for bad days. Be prepared disappointment. Be prepared for obstacles, as they are all part of the day and your life. But also be prepared for the things that surround you and bring you happiness. They are there, right in front of you. Take a step back and enjoy them. Your family, your colleagues, your friends – Hello…….they are right there.

Every new day is a present. Tomorrow, when you wake up, the day will greet you – please take a deep breath and say THANK YOU.

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