You better have them. When you are looking for a job, thinking about a career change or you just need to make some changes in your professional life, you will need to do the obvious first. Put your plan in place, research your area of interest, learn about that specific market, get your credentials in order, pump up the volume with your network and then you put the key in the ignition, turn it on and drive.

Once you have all the pieces in place, you can begin to hit the job boards, get the dialogue going with your industry friends and try and create opportunity. And, as you begin to push the process forward, you should have realistic expectations about what lies ahead. Your career path, at any stage, is rarely a straight line. If it were that simple – it would be an easy ride and we would all do it. However, it’s not a straight line. It’s typically a long and winding road with a variety of obstacles and bumps in the way that should have you laser focused so you cannot take your eye off the road. If you do – CRASH!!!

Always be positive. Expectations should keep you balanced. Anticipate and be prepared. Have confidence in your ability. Forecast the path you are on. What are your intentions? Are the prospects realistic? Trust your gut. Always think about the possibilities. Maintain a positive outlook and above all HAVE NO FEAR. Job Search is a fickle process and it can beat the heck out of you, so expectations, which ‘are the act or state of looking forward or anticipating something’ can, if managed well, will be a mechanism you can rely on to help guide you. Prepare for the worst and always EXPECT the best. If you have committed to making a change, if you have been forced to make a change, you will have to accept these conditions, make adjustments and modifications as they currently are and by having realistic expectations, you will reduce the time and potential pain.

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