Although some look at expectations as the Holy Grail of what sets the standards in your workplace and something to aim for, there are some that see it as a major cause for anxiety. The boss, your team, your colleagues and your clients will always place expectations on you. That’s how it should be. Let the objective of being successful and feeling successful drive your desire to meet the demands placed upon you. It is great to be driven by wanting to please those in front of you, but make no mistake, the one that should push the hardest and make you focus on EXPECATIONS is YOU. If you don’t set the bar high – you are sunk from the get-go.

You are hired for reasons that make sense. You meet the criteria of a ‘job description’, which is only a small part of the package. Once the Hiring Managers get inside your head and recognize that you will also be a good ‘cultural’ fit, they will want to get you inside and get you to work as quickly as possible.

At that point, you must take the time to learn about your new environment and set, what I call, “Interior Goals” that will establish your work ethic. That’s how you earn trust. That’s how you develop. That’s how you move forward and that’s how you improve the quality of your life.

That ‘Interior Goal’ is what’s inside you. The intangible that nobody sees, but it’s what everyone is counting on. These are the qualities that separate you from the rest and this is what will make those around you take notice. You want to be noticed and you want your voice to be heard.

Expect the best from yourself. Believe in yourself so that others will also believe in you.


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