You are a graduate! You are hopeful that you will be able to get your ‘career sequence’ under way without too much difficulty, land in a reasonable environment offering you the professional opportunity and lifestyle you studied for and prepared for.

Now it’s time to create an awesome strategy plan to drive the ‘career sequence’ forward. Think of it as an endless hallway of doors. The objective is to open as many doors as possible and the ultimate result is to have someone say, “come on in and have a seat.” If you can achieve that – you are on your way.

And, once you land, you can relax a little bit, as the worst part is over – you found a job!!!! (Or an Internship)

Congratulations, but remember, it’s only the beginning. So, now what do you do?

The last thing you do is relax. You owe it to yourself (and the company that hired you) to maximize this opportunity and get as much out of it as you can, and in return, give ‘them’ as much (or more) that they hoped you would.


Engage, be engaging and make your voice heard.

Ask questions. Be grateful you are there. AMPLIFY your accomplishments.

Above all, remember this: You have been given an opportunity by people who want you to succeed, by placing trust in their own decision to bring you in and the sense of commitment you are going to exchange with each other.

In order to celebrate success, first, you must achieve it. Good luck to the GRADUATION class of 2017. I am here if you need me.


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