Well, another year has miraculously passed as quick as a blink of an eye and all the seniors that I have gotten to know, coached, counseled and helped navigate the process of crossing the bridge from classroom to career are a heartbeat away from what I think is one of the most meaningful times in their young life. They have worked hard, put in many hours to achieve something wonderful. They are about to graduate and get a degree and hopefully, if they have not already secured a job, they will hit the streets in the next few weeks to do just that. IT IS TIME TO FIND A JOB!!!!

Earning a degree is hard work, takes commitment and not something anyone should take lightly. Never minimize what you have accomplished. You have done well. You have come far in 4 years. You are now about to take your life into a new direction and begin a new chapter. Your education will not stop because you have your degree. No, quite the contrary, you are now in the school of ‘life’ and as you begin to turn the page, you will be learning all kinds of great things. Some students express fear. Embrace the transition and enjoy what is in front of you.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019.

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