You are looking for a job and you feel like you are surrounded by walls, trapped, can’t get out and in dire need to make something happen that will move you forward, upward and get your life moving in a positive direction, but all you can see are the walls…..What do you do?

You break them down. Simple as that – You just knock the walls down. Stop fussing about why you can’t and focus on why you can. There will always be reasons why you cannot accomplish something. They are usually self-imposed reasons and all they do is add brick and mortar to the walls. What’s difficult is shattering the walls. If you allow the walls to dictate your future, you are handcuffed from the start. Before you begin, you are defeated.

Think with your head and your heart. Let your passion be your hammer and beat the heck out of the walls. Create a door, a passage, or an entry point that allows you to move out and get your future in front of you.

If all you see are walls, you are in the dark. You have subjected yourself to failure. Grow up and make something happen.

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