My favorite thing (it’s not a “job”) in this world is being a DAD. It’s always been that way. As much as I love my 1st and current career, nothing can replace what I feel about being a FATHER. I have 2 awesome kids, now young adults and they have made being a dad an amazing experience. As I began to think about Father’s Day it occurred to me that being a Career Coach is like being a surrogate dad.

A good dad provides protection, acts as a mentor, sets a good example to follow and typically offers advice when and sometimes when not asked.

And, as a career coach, I try very hard to be the mentor; the GPS offering guidance to help students’, clients and colleagues navigate their career path. I know I am not their dad, but without question, there is a parallel. There is some symmetry and as I began to consider the similarities this morning, I recognized how the advice I gave (and give) my kids plays a role in what and how they think. It’s really no different with my clients. I want to create, through dialogue, a mutual trust and hopefully gain an understanding about the problems, issues and things that concern them and their future.  My job is to LISTEN, get inside their head and develop that trust so we can produce a relationship.  If you can establish those values, you have something meaningful to work with, something to build and something that all can be proud of. You get progress. The outcome is something to behold. As a dad, I get love. As a coach, I get results that help someone move forward. Either way, I am here to help.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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