If you read my blogs, you know I love ‘word play’ and combine words to re-invent language. Many of these combined words make perfect sense and some of them have a ‘humorous’ edge to them, but make no mistake the message behind all of them are serious and with the intention of providing you, my readers something meaningful to think about.

Today, I was hit by Identifyand Define. They are 2 very significant words that SHOULD play a significant role in your career path.

If you are on the job market and considering your ‘next’ career move, you MUST identify the market you are interested in and as you research that market, you begin to learn more about the required skills and how best to brand and present yourself so they can clearly see the alignment(s).

It is also your job to read between the lines on the Job Description, get your head around all the research you do about the organization you are interested in and DEFINE the skills necessary to make sure you are a good fit. Interpret the job description so you have a clear understanding and establish, for them, why and how you will bring added value to the team.  Ask yourself – What will distinguish you from all the other candidates?  In order to answer that question, you will need to Identify and Define who you are and the market of interest. So IDENTIFINE and move the process along!!!!!

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