That’s exactly where your future is – in your hands. You have the power to get a good grip on your future and shape it in an appropriate way that fits who you are, what your skill-sets are and hopefully hit your target.

This time of year is always symbolic of change. The weather turns, the trees begin to bud, you look up and begin to see green – so much natural activity in the air. For me, it’s another reminder of just how wonderful change can be. Change is not to be feared. It’s something to be embraced, and as school winds down and the students need to look at what lies ahead in what is probably the most meaningful time of their young life – the beginning of the Career Sequence, this too, is symbolic of the natural order of things.

In order to celebrate success, you have to achieve it first. You probably will hit some un-chartered territory, but be fearless, take control and drive the process with passion.

Let your skills, ability and instincts help guide you along the way. Be committed to yourself, your goals and all that you want to do. If you need some assistance along the way, do not be afraid to ask. There is no shame in asking for help. Most people will be very happy to help. If they choose not to – no worries, move on.

You hold, in your hands, all that is necessary to get your career moving forward, and at the end of the day – that’s what it’s all about – MOVING FORWARD.

So, as you begin to open your career toolbox, think about them as ‘hand tools’ and start to build, one step at a time, a career foundation which is the core and the base with which you assemble and shape a career sequence worthy of who you are. Good luck to all the grads!


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