There is nothing like the feeling of independence. Whether you are celebrating the country’s birthday or your own personal independence – there is no feeling like being liberated!!!

In our professional lives, we are often subjected to answering to others, as we have no choice, because we have a job and our responsibility is to do what we are told.

I find no fault in that. Some of us need the direction of others to keep us on track. All good.

I am always on a mission to accomplish something meaningful and achieve success on my own behalf as well as the client I represent. It’s important to me to do the VERY BEST I can and continue maintaining trust between the client and myself.

And, although I do work for myself, my clients are what I call, ‘the boss of the day’. They are, in fact the one that hires me and they can also fire me. That said, I am still the one in charge of the choices and the decisions I make to keep my professional life moving. So I am INDEPENDENT!

Independence is a form of self-sufficiency that needs a great deal of self-rule and self- discipline, It’s not for everybody, but if that’s where your head is, it is a great place to be.

There is something very significant that comes from being INDEPENDENT; FREEDOM. They do go hand in hand, but like all things worth fighting for, you have to build. You have to work hard to accomplish it and you have to relentlessly work, work and work to maintain it.

Happy Independence Day!!!




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