As a student, you choose a major with the hope that when you graduate, you WILL find a job in that category and get on with your professional life. It always sounds easy – doesn’t it?

So, what happens when, during your time at a university, you decide to switch majors? And, subsequent to that, if you have landed and do have your career path in motion, but decide that you are not happy and you NEED to make a change – what do you do?

This can cause serious anxiety for you and if you are still a student, your family as well. Everybody thinks they have the answer in their back pocket to get you on your way, but the reality is – it’s on you. You will have to own this and make the necessary shifts in your educational or professional life to get something meaningful in place. Under the best of circumstances, change is always challenging, but when the circumstances are difficult and produce those 6 nasty words, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’m not sure’ – again, I ask what do you do?

You embrace the opportunity and you put a plan in place. You get your head into a good space, recognize that this will cause some disruption in your life and start the re-invention process. It can be, if managed well, be an exciting time and an exciting experience. It all depends on how you ‘spin’ it…..within yourself.

Make a conscious choice to push this process forward. If your intent is in the right place, you will begin to reach out to new resources, tap into some old ones and create a new network that will, hopefully provide new direction. It’s only a matter of time and commitment that will lead you into some new and comfortable place.

Don’t freak out – enjoy it. When necessary, change is very healthy.


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