Can be, but if you are serious about your career and creating a good strategic plan, make a 100% commitment to yourself and think about what you are doing, you will find a job.

Don’t do things differently – think differently. So much of your career search comes down to simple research. Look at your market and learn as much as you can about t in as many ways as you can. With rare exception, you can find all the information you want/need by looking at a specific company’s web site or you do a key word search looking at different titles, industries and locations. Before you know it, you will have lot’s to review. The research you do will pay-off in many ways

You will learn how robust your market is….or is not – Either way, a great lesson.

Maybe that company you dreamed so much about proves to be, based on good investigative RESEARCH, a real drag. Again, a great and valuable lesson. You know when to pursue and you know when to back off and invest time elsewhere.

There is no excuse to not know what’s out there, where they are, what they do, who they do it for and is it a place for you. Prepare and you will reduce sleepless nights and put ‘The Boogie Man’ to bed.


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