If you are thinking about your career and making some significant attempts at taking things to the next level, you will surely bump into things. There is no way to avoid the boundaries, obstacles and ‘issues’ that we all experience as we professionally (and personally) grow.

Crossing the threshold from university to becoming a professional, being an accomplished intermediate professional with some solid experience or being a very experienced worker thinking about career changes can create a variety of things to ‘bump’ into, so you need to make sure that you do the right things to light the path in front of you.

It requires a smart, intuitive plan to add clarity to the process. Walking in the dark can be not only dangerous, but also a waste of time…..especially if you have a destination point in mind. The objective should be ‘getting there’ and doing it with minimal bumps and bruises.

Research and know the marketplace. Acquire enough information so you can put together a good strategic plan that will drive this forward.

There are so many things that can separate you from your future, but most of that is something you can control. When you walk into a dark room, the first thing you want to do, is turn on the light. When you are thinking about your career, think the same way. Before you walk into the process, turn on the lights. Navigation is easier when you can see where you are going.

If you try and manage your career pivot in the dark, you are already starting at a disadvantage. Don’t begin with limitations. Do the necessary research. Have market information at your disposal. Know industry trends. The information is the light switch. Do the right thing and eliminate or at least minimize the boundaries to bump into. Have a safe journey!!

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