Options are an awesome thing….most of the time. Some people look for alternate ways to do things, to discover, to see what is in front of them, or behind them. Either way, you must consider what is in front, behind, to your left and to your right.

As you move through life, professionally or personally, you will begin to frame things and see that you DO have choices, especially with your career and if you work it well, as your career path develops, there should be some variety to think about.

Be cognizant about the criteria you establish and get your head around the type of job you want, the culture you want to be a part of and evaluate how this will impact your journey.

Assess your skills and the environment you are interested in. Is the alignment appropriate? Is it practical? What are your objectives? If you are not asking these questions, you are not really analyzing what might be a very significant decision. Learn to ask (yourself) good questions and evaluate as much as you can. You can never have all the answers, but in order to make a smart, intelligent decision, you must LOOK BOTH WAYS.

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