Measure Yourself – How can you measure success? There are many ways to do it. You can ask yourself what have you accomplished in the past 3, 4, 6 or the past 12 months. Have you consciously made improvements? And, then you can ask, where were the gains and the shortfalls? I think, from all that we do, there should always be some net take-away. What have we learned from ‘this’ experience? There will always be an answer. Good, bad or indifferent – but a result never the less is and should be a learning experience and for me – that is part of my success. Anytime you are engaged in ‘something’ you are learning. The results are to be assessed and processed and if there is anything meaningful behind that experience, you have something to consider that will help you move your life forward. And FORWARD is indicative of SUCCESS.

Understand that ALL you do is part of the learning process and ALL that you achieve is part of being successful. Accomplishments are a great measuring stick. So is performance. So is attitude and so is effort. Progress is also a great indicator for success, but so is failure. If you aren’t trying to do something – you have no risk at all. If you invest your time and fail, you learn from that and you know not to do it again. Life is a great teacher. Take the hit, fail, fall but come out on the other end with the feeling of SUCCESS. If you can manage that kind of attitude – you are a Winner!

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