My little spin on ‘stroke their ego’. When you are looking for a job, one of the best tools you can utilize is NETWORKING. Most of us recognize how vital NETWORKING is when it comes to advancing a career plan. 80% of the jobs secured today are through your NETWORK. We all have one. Even a young student that has had a few summer jobs, intern spots and family has a very useful NETWORK to rely on.

I always advise my clients that when you reach out, never use the ‘H’ word. Help is an odd default mechanism. Your best friend will always help you, but that ‘H’ word automatically puts people in an awkward place and elicits bad reactions. In lieu of asking for HELP, I advise that you request an EXPLORATORY CONVERSATION. 

And, before you do, stroke their ego. Everyone likes to be told how wonderful he or she is, have been and will be, so PET THE DOG. Rub ‘em right behind the ear – They will love it and it sets the table for you to get HELP without actually asking for it. It’s a great strategy to engage people.

Before you do reach out, make sure you have a plan in place and know how to manage the conversation. If you make a call, send an email, you MUST have something to say, something to offer and above all, clear objectives to work towards. 

And as you think about your NETWORK and who you want to, need to call, just remember to PET THE DOG, cause when you do, they will wag the tail!

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