How hard are you working? Most people I know, coach, counsel, talk too and exchange with are all talking about “working too hard”. Some complain abut how hard they are working. I know I am working hard, but fortunately for me, I am in the minority, like what I do and although the fact is –I am working hard, I don’t complain about it. I often tell people, “don’t complain about working hard, because nobody works easy.”

We live in a new ‘norm’, of doing more with less, which is clearly a formula for working hard. No way around that, so what can we do to achieve some balance and feel good. We need to re-charge.

Everyone has a personal battery and when you push yourself to the limit, you will def drain that battery and run yourself down….physically and mentally. If you don’t pay attention to your little energy source, you are doing yourself a dis-service and you could be setting yourself up for something bad. DO NOT minimize the importance of RE-CHARGE!!!

We are all guilty, at times, of draining the battery down to the end. Work and life has a nasty habit of hijacking the day. We develop and find a rhythm that allows the battery to drain. Being productive is awesome. Creating an agenda and checking things off is a great feeling, but at what expense?

Are you depleting your energy source to a fault? Think about it – Be aware of it and find some BALANCE. Do something that will scratch your itch. Do something that gives you pleasure. Do something that distracts you from all that work and makes you smile. RE-CHARGE.

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