Re: A preposition we use often and something we commonly see in letters, documents, e-mail and a variety of correspondence we experience every day. Typically, it means or refers to, ‘about’ or in ‘reference to’. Either way, it’s a common ‘little thing’ we see and pass by without a thought. I see REdifferently. It’s an important prefix that can help all of us think about who we are, where we are, what we do and WHERE we are going. Professional and personal growth are necessary in every way because as you know – it’s all about moving forward. 

So…….Consider this:If you don’t take time to reflect, how will you realize your goals? Should you hit an obstacle, as we all do, without remaining calm how do you rebound? And when you do hit the bump in the road, don’t stop and regret what is happening. No, instead work it out and rebound. 

Life is all about finding fulfillment. Problems will arise so we need to identify them quickly and find resolution. It is our responsibility to represent ourselves appropriately and make our narrative heard. Realize your dreams by setting objectives and always reach for them. And, should things begin to fail, remain calm, relax, stay focused, take a step backwards and reflect on what’s happening so you can reorganize your thoughts and re-boot. Process and think about what’s relevant. Be resilient and remind yourself that this will be OK. Hit the refresh button. Look for the intersection points that offer the opportunity to react, repair and respond with a good attitude. Recover and refocus; get your mind right so you find success. The result is the REWARD. 

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