Resources….we all have them and often, we are not aware of what we have at our disposal, but we aren’t sure how best to utilize them. It begins with a good sense of ‘Resource Awareness’. I tell clients all the time, “The best resource you have is YOU, not because of whom you know, but because of whom THEY know”. In a nutshell, that’s how simple it can and should be. You have, in your possession, so many resources to use as you try and get your career moving in a forward direction.

You must take a moment to think about whom you know. Business relationships, colleagues, family, friends, teachers, professors are all possible leads for you. They are not thinking on your behalf so you must put it out there. Ask for help. No shame in that and you just might find that your Uncle Bob knows some senior level person at XYZ which could at the every least get your credentials on the short list and on someone’s desk. And, that’s where you want to be, where you need to be – On someone’s desk.

Your resources are the NETWORK. The people that you can reach out to for assistance can play a very significant role in your job search, your career journey, your career transition and your career sequence.

Remember what’s right in front of you, sitting at your doorstep. Resources!!!! Use them. Don’t abuse them. They are a precious commodity that can improve your life.


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