Looking for a job? Looking to make a career pivot? Maybe you just got laid off and you NEED a job ASAP. There are so many reasons why someone will be on (forced or otherwise) the job market and if that’s you, I want you to consider how you put yourself center stage. Think of yourself as the ‘star’ of the show and how you have earned TOP BILLING. 

Once the concept has been approved, the production company begins to review the script and get all the pre-production details in order. Casting, locations, wardrobe, rehearsals and slowly but surely, it all comes together and eventually it becomes ‘the show’.

Your pre-production consists of getting yourself organized in as many ways as you can. Get your credentials up to date, polish your Linkedin profile, making sure it is current and aligns with your resume, make your networking list and begin the search for possible opportunities (casting/locations).

The script would be your back-story, your resume and your cover letter.  Obviously, once you begin to do the networking and get some interviews, you will have to think about your wardrobe. Dressing appropriately will always play a role in the process and that interview opportunity is SHOWTIME. Make sure you are prepared (rehearsals) for all your meetings and the interviews. If you ‘flub’ your lines, you will look un-prepared and the Director (Interviewer) will not be happy and you will definitely compromise the opportunity. You are telling YOUR story.

Know how to amplify your accomplishments and know how to present them, because once the director yells action and the spotlight hits you – Its SHOWTIME and you are on!!

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