Looking for a job? Looking to get your career sequence under way? Looking to make a career change?

If the answer is YES…… in order to make things happen, you will need the ‘EX’ factor.

The root of it is in your EXperience. There are no good EXcuses to prevent you from moving your professional life forward. It’s in your hands. It’s not an EXact science, but if you create a strategic plan, give it some detailed thought, you will, in fact find your way.

Begin EXploring your market and get your head around the opportunities out there. EXamine as much information as you can so you can develop an EXcellent fluency in your market. Learn to improve your ‘market vocabulary’. When you talk fluently, you EXhibit knowledge and display qualities that makes you sound like an attractive and qualified candidate.

The landscape is competitive and EXpansive. EXpose yourself and don’t be afraid to take a few hits along the way. Those EXperiennces, if interpreted properly, will be wonderful teachers and only help you as you continue to drive this process along.

The objective is to get the hiring community EXcited about you, and there is no EXpiration date on learning.

You cannot talk about success until you achieve it, so make your voice heard. EXploit your achievements. Make sure your ‘brand message’ is clear. Be concise and EXplain yourself. Let them know that you will work hard, EXcel and become a true asset to them and the team.

If you are fortunate enough to get an interview, remember, it’s a conversation. A dialogue between you and them and this is the BEST opportunity to EXchange ideas and share a mutual moment that will in fact, EXtinguish any fear about hiring you.

So, EXhale, relax, prepare and let them know you WILL (not can) meet their EXpectations.

Your goal is to leave and have them feeling like you are EXactly who they want. Have an EXceptional day!


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