Are you a bi-product of your past? I hope the answer is YES!

It’s our past that creates the foundation for who we are and who we will become.

Embrace your past. I don’t want to minimize your teachers, your mentors or anyone that has helped guide you along the way, but your past is the best teacher you will ever have…….Assuming you listen to it with both ears and allow it’s message to penetrate your brain, your heart and your soul. The history that has your name attached is the very thing you should utilize as the lighthouse for your career and maximize the direction it points you in.

What you did yesterday should help you tomorrow. No matter how bad an experience might seem, there is always something of significance to be gained. In fact, sometimes what appears to be a real drag now might just end up as the one thing that stands out as an example of ‘from bad – comes good’.

Don’t be a prisoner to your past. If you let it cage you – you slow down or stop forward movement. You take your credentials seriously and see the asset in all of it. If you think – ‘I’m not learning anything’, ‘this place is a bummer’ – then you have set yourself up for a slow ride to nowhere, and nowhere gets you to a place with no prospects or opportunity. Nowhere is void of progress and advancement.

It’s an easy and cheap ticket to buy. Invest in your past so you can invest even further into your future.


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