Want to be a leader? If you do – you have to work hard, earn your way into that title and along the way, build relationships that will provide, for both you and the team that surrounds you a very meaningful and established TRUST.

Hard work is only part of the formula. Transparency will hold a huge hand in this leadership role.

You will need to represent yourself accurately, recognize possibilities, ideas and see opportunity as it should be seen and know how to share this appropriately with your team. If you exhibit solid qualities, know how to listen and lead by example you will find little or no problem having the team follow your lead.

A leader knows how to process quickly, assess, understand and delegate. Leadership isn’t measured on how much you reveal, how much you know, how much you guide and how much direction you provide. Important qualities for sure, but a good leader needs to know how to manage and also finds the delicate balance that exhibits some transparency without revealing too much. The reveal isn’t designed to ‘hold back’ it’s more about knowing how much transparency is appropriate. The key is not to place unnecessary pressure on the team. You, as the leader, need to absorb that pressure, understand it and know who on the team is the right one to administer the task at hand and accomplish the unified goal(s).

This requires someone that can initiate, display authority, be the innovator and maintain an open mind because if you have a great team in place, they will assist you in the thinking process, which typically leads to success. Everybody wins!!!!

And, if you can lead this way, you will have earned the most important commodity there is – TRUST.



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