In some way or another, every day is a battle. Traffic on the way to work, waiting online for your coffee, missing your train to get to work, one of your colleagues doesn’t show up on time and the boss is waiting – Any of these and more can create a hassle for your day. Most of this is out of your control so why let it ruin your day? You cannot control it so don’t worry about it and if you could control it, there would be no reason to worry.

Naturally there are ‘things’ out there, forces that impose themselves on all of us that can really get in the way, slow us down and if we are not battle ready, we can get caught asleep at the wheel.

Prepare and you are prepared. With exception, there is no reason to get caught napping. Careless can get you in trouble. Inefficiency is a great way to really screw something up. Pay attention to the details – They are the foundation to most things and if we are derelict about what we do, if we get lazy, if we neglect what matters most – We are looking at a crash and burn scenario.

Responsibility comes in many shapes and sizes, and we all have them. Kids might be charged with cleaning their room, doing their homework, or taking out the garbage. And as we get older, we get jobs and with that, we earn trust so we can take on more responsibility. Either way – We all have ‘stuff’ to do, and our job is to get it right.

What you do – OWN IT!! It’s yours and people rely on you to do the best you can. No matter what you do, stay sharp, stay focused. Remain vigilant about your job and push yourself to give your best. Less than that isn’t acceptable. Be on your ‘A’ game and do not fall asleep at the wheel.

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