If you want something badly enough, the best thing you can do is campaign, on your own behalf, and lobby for it. Let your voice be heard. Make it loud and clear. Not too loud, use some tact and determine the appropriate volume with which you need to make your case.

It’s important, as you establish yourself in your work environment that you let people know what you are interested in, what you want and that you will bring some added value if you get the opportunity you want. This is not about you. Quite the contrary, their needs are what matter most. However, if you feel strongly enough about your abilities and can support that by exhibiting a quality performance and a strong desire to prove that you are worthy of an opportunity, then chances are you will be heard and given that chance to build something meaningful for both you and the company you are working with.

Albeit, with discretion, learn to promote yourself. Support your case through performance, internal networking and understanding that politics does play a valuable role in the direction your career can and will take. You can be ‘political positive’ and make it known where your true interests are and hopefully, someone takes notice and helps you find your way.
Remember, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need……..And; what you need is the experience to move your career forward. All that you do on the career journey adds up and makes you smarter, more durable, more agile and more attractive to the next hiring manager, direct report you are confronted with. Because of all the experience you gain, you are more knowledgeable and you learn how to sequence that into the path of your choice.


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