Working for a living can be both very rewarding and/or a miserable experience, depending on the circumstances you are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. If you are in the ‘fortunate’ category and like/love what you do, I can tell you for someone who has loved 2 careers, showing up at work is never an issue; in fact, it’s a pleasure and you/we are in the minority. Approximately 60+ percent of the workforce is DISSATISFIED with what they do. It’s so DISSCONCERTING and sad to begin and end a day like that. With no DISSRESPECT, try and find the joy at work and try not to DISSENGAGE from the positive things. They are there – Look for them and embrace them. And, if you can manage that attitude, you will DISSAPATE the negative aspects of your working experience.

DISSECT and DISTILL your current feelings and put that in perspective. If you look, you will find something good to carry you through the day. DISTRESS will not help. Life is hard enough, and no one should suffer at work. Stay connected to what matters most and DISSCONNECT from the nonsense.

I know these are just words and I make it sound easy. It’s not. When you’re not happy at work, forcing yourself to get through the day, you will feel all DISSCOMBOBULATED and if you ignore or minimize the ‘good stuff’ you are doing yourself a DISSERVICE. Let that DISSOLVE in your head for a while and try and re-think so you can DISSASOCIATE from what brings you down.

When you get up in the morning and begin to feel the blues because you must go to a place that doesn’t scratch the itch, DISSUADE yourself and reverse course.

DISSHEARTENMENT will cause you to lose confidence. It will destroy your enthusiasm and confidence. Don’t DISSAPEAR behind what sucks, as all you do is create your own DISABILITY.

On the contrary, DISCOVER what feels right and let that DISCLOSE itself. When you are allowing the negative to seep in, DISOBEY that little voice and tell it to hit the road and DISEMBARK and HAVE A NICE DAY!

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