My awareness of GRADUATION is more heightened each and every year, but this year as I am now 4+ years into Career Coaching at Stony Brook, it has a different meaning. I have seen many of ‘my’ students begin as freshman and take the ride to their SENIOR year. They come in green and leave a full rainbow of colors ready to take on the world of opportunity that awaits them. They are an awesome bunch. They are prepared. They are ready for the most meaningful time in their young life. They are graduating and with that come’s what has become my favorite thing; CHANGE. With change they will experience growth, maturity and self-awareness. This is the time when they can look at the world with eyes wide open, learn to make decisions, learn self-reliance and what it means to become an adult. For some, it’s scary and for others, maybe just the next step towards whatever their ‘NEXT’ will be. Either way, this is their time. I am in awe of this young generation. I hear all kinds of ‘stuff’ about the new Gen Z and Y and yes, there will always be exceptions but from where I sit they are as good as it gets. The students I engage with are tech savvy, intelligent, critical thinkers, influencers and for all of us – they represent the FUTURE. These young peeps have it together and they leave me with a feeling of optimism for a better tomorrow. Congrats to the class of 2022! Well done.

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