As we consider a career, it’s a PASSAGEWAY from one place to another. As a career coach, I always use this analogy to describe what I do – “I am my clients’ GPS. I navigate and they drive”. We can be the PASSENGER, or we can drive. The results and the fulfillment are in the driving. The journey does not require a PASSPORT. Making things happen and getting ‘there’, that’s up to you. Rely on your resources, your instincts, your desire and what you are PASSIONATE about. Do you really want it? Offers will present themselves and if it’s not right, don’t settle – Take the PASS and wait for your dream to come true.

Make no mistake you will have to work hard for that – You cannot be PASSIVE. To make your career path successful, you will need to find the appropriate PASSKEY to open the right doors and when you do open that door, it will feel good. Your job is to explore, discover and find the right PASSWORD that does open that door.

Along the way, there will always be obstacles. Take on those challenges, find the PASSABLE lane and make your move. If you let the process manage you, you are toast. No lane when you are committed is imPASSable.

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