What’s the best way to get around your fear? Look it square in the eye and run right through it. Knock it over and kick it’s silly little backside, because at the end of the day, it ain’t that tough. It’s what you make of it. We tend to build our fear up into something larger than it should be.

Don’t overthink it. Contain it.

If you try and run around it, it will take longer. Put some perspective on it and just run through it. It’s the shortest route to success and confidence. It’s not unusual to respond to fear quickly, as it can easily take over and get the best of us. This can be followed by the push of the panic button. All that does is increase the anxiety and the worry. We get so caught up in the distress signal and lose sight of our objective – Triumph and a favorable outcome. The weight of fear seems so heavy because we allow it to.

What are your objectives? What is the target you have in front of you? Let accomplishment drive you – not the apprehension of moving forward.


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