Looking for a job is always going to present us with a number of questions.

You can think of them as obstacles, but I prefer to see them as things that require answers. Obstacles get in the way and slow us down – I’m not interested in that. I want to keep things moving and when it comes to your career – You MUST keep all the moving parts moving…..forward.

So what are the questions you should consider as you prepare to look for a job? 

Clearly we all want to land in an environment that offers us an opportunity to do what we are passionate about and equipped to do. Why did you target this company/organization in the first place? You recognize the intersection points between you and them and want to be a part of that universe, so you apply for the job and hope that you are considered. 

You manage the process as best you can, get through it, make an impact, get an interview and discover more about the CULTURE. Is this really a place you want to be a part of and will you be a good fit? Fitting in is just as important as having the skillset that will align you. But if you don’t fit you need to reconsider because the last thing you want to be is a ‘fish out of water.’

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