If you are in the job market, you will need a meaningful network. You will need to nurture and build this network and have it as a valuable resource to help get you on a career path.

The process of creating this network will be built upon a give and take. The givers tend to be collaborators and contributors. They are willing to share information and genuinely help with an exchange of ideas and provide you with access to their assets. It’s probably the most efficient way to get your career sequence moving.

The takers, on the other hand are a bit more covert. They might lean towards getting results through you and your network without any thought or consideration of reciprocation.

I am a big advocate of using all the resources you have. I am, however, not a fan of abusing those resources and that’s what ‘takers’ often do – abuse the privilege of having givers at their disposal. They are out there – those takers. Learn who they are, because they will not help you….only themselves.





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