Something hurts, you feel pain or you feel sick – You might consider running to the doctor for what ails you and if the diagnosis is specific, chances are they prescribe an appropriate medicine. And somehow, almost like magic, you begin to feel better and then before you know it, you are well and ready to meet the day with a smile again.

When you are considering your career for the first time out of school, need to make a professional change, become collateral damage from some re-organization at the office or other circumstances that dictate change, it stings a bit. All you can do is take the big step back, get a grip, recognize that you will have work to do and organize. Career Coaches can offer direction. That’s what we do. We are your CAREER GPS. I will help you navigate from one place to the next….but you will have to drive. We talk, get a good dialogue going and assess how best to position you in this world of change. I can provide the right medicine. 

Healing always takes time. So does looking for a job and sometimes it hurts. Pain requires therapeutics; something that will add restorative health maintenance to your life and lifestyle. I am not implying nor am I drawing an analogy of life and death, but looking for that job sometimes feels like it. If you have experienced that, you know what I mean. Remember, with rare exception, for every illness, every infection, every infirmity there is a remedy, a treatment and a cure. Ask the right questions and take good medicine.

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