If you are on the road and your destination is CAREER, then you need to map things out and put a plan in place. You need a vision and you definitely will need to keep your eyes on the road. Blind spots are unacceptable and only slow you down. Be clear about where you are heading and if you have an idea how to get there, the trip will be shorter, take less toll and it might save many miles.

The trip can be challenging. It can be a hazardous ride. There are so many obstacles that can get in the way. It’s your responsibility to keep the road smooth and free of speed bumps. How can you prevent the risks and minimize problems? You do the work before you begin the journey. You research the best way to get there. You learn as much about the best possible route. Avoid bad directions by listening to your gut, consult a solid advisor and leverage the resources you have available.

Today, when we travel, we either do a map search to get familiar with the best possible route to take and then we plug the destination into our GPS and let the technology guide us. Finding a job, beginning your career sequence is based on the same principal. You use time wisely by mapping things out and use tools and resources available as your GPS, Get Plan Started. You begin to partner with the information and, based on that, you determine which is the best road to follow. Sometimes we make a wrong turn. No worries. Make a U-turn and re-set.  Have a safe trip!


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