Ever hear anyone refer to looking for a job “is a job”? Many people feel that way and if you are in NEED of one, it can add anxiety to the process. As a career coach, I try very hard to instill a different attitude in my client’s mindset. Don’t see it as a drag or some horrible experience – See it as something that needs to be done and try your very best to embrace what’s in front of you and make the best of it. The 2 things you can always control are your attitude and your effort. That’s all on you and no one can get in the way of that. 
It’s all about CHANGE and how you adapt. How you manage change will determine what kind of experience you have.

Map out your plan. Get your strategy in order. Research your market. Know your target and do all you can to find your NEXT. That’s what this is all about….moving forward and seeing what’s ahead. Although there can be lessons learned from your past, for the most part, what’s behind is irrelevant and won’t provide anything meaningful, so keep your eye on the prize – What’s coming is where you want to focus. Landing a job! And as you continue to pursue your dream, remember – it’s not a job, no, in fact it’s your responsibility. So get your mind right, push on and when someone asks, ‘how’s business?’, you can respond – REALLY GOOD, THANKS.

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