When I invest – I want and EXPECT a good return on that investment. There is no good reason why anyone wouldn’t want some PROFIT on their time and investments…. Especially when it comes to your career. When you are looking to PROFESSIONALLY advance yourself, you are without any question investing in you. That requires a sense of PASSION, PATIENCE and the ability to PROMOTE yourself. We all have PROMISE, but how we manage the PROCESS will determine what the POSSIBILITIES are. Although some more than others, all industries are competitive so you will be challenged by good PEOPLE out there. What will PROVIDE the best message on your behalf? Do you have a PLAN? Are you PREPARED?

How can you let the hiring community recognize your essence and that culturally your PERSONALITY is a great fit? You do it by being PROACTIVE and add a PERSUASIVE PUSH to your outreach. You PRESENT yourself based on the POTENTIAL you have and the value you will add.

And always remember that PERSISTANCE can sometimes cross the line of being PROACTIVE to being a PAIN in the butt. Not a good PLACE to go. Be mindful. Be POLITE but be committed to your mission. There is no PERFECT PROGRAM to follow. Follow your instincts and when you feel like you overstepped, don’t PANIC. Just back off, regroup, relax, take a deep breath, and PACE yourself.

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