We all do some type of research from time to time. Sometimes it’s just for fun as we play around on social media and sometimes there is a very real professional purpose driving it.

And then there are the occasional debates we have with friends at dinner – You know where everyone pulls out their smart phone and googles ‘it’. Because the information is at our fingertips, in the palm of our hands there are no friendly debates anymore.

Either way, all of us are looking for, searching for, exploring for, hunting for, hungry for DATA. When I was a young man, we called it information, but today, TECHNOLOGY has changed that; Now it’s called DATA.

Tech has and continues to redefine everything every day. Tech runs a continuously, and, in many ways, it runs our lives. I am in awe how my students navigate technology. Seamless, intuitive, and instinctive. Why not – They have grown up with a keyboard and a touchpad. Been doing it since they are 3-4 years old. It is as natural as telling time. And for some, probably easier.

I often here my friends in creative services say, ‘data is king’. (Used to be content) Data drives everything today. With rare exception, no decisions are made without DATA.

So, as we all look for information and data to satisfy our urge to buy, trade, sell, explore, learn, teach, share, exchange ideas, look for career opportunities, network, find a partner, a friend, create an itinerary, get medical advice, communicate, work, steal, pirate and on and on. Data is the secret sauce that allows all of us to collect information.

I am right there with all of you. And yet as I research, I cannot feel that sometimes I take in too much. Like eating one more bite despite that I am full. How can you not? It tastes so good. Like anything in life – MODERATION. Be mindful – it’s easy to overload the data.

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