I manage so many clients’ career choices, career paths, career transitions, and career disruptions on a daily basis. I love what I do and I work incredibly hard to impress upon them the significance of RESOURCES. The resources you have available are what you need to consider in order to get a solid and strategic career plan in place. It must begin with a list of your target, the marketplace you are interested in, your credentials, your CAREER COACH and your NETWORK. The NETWORK is probably the most important resource you have and to not utilize it is a bad INVESTMENT. An investment in yourself, your use of time and your ability to move the career process forward. 

Your NETWORK is your collateral. It is like making a big deposit in your bank account. In order to grow your investment and get interest you need to be aware of and track your investment regularly. Invest wisely and typically, you will get a pretty good ROI.

Think of your time towards your career as a Profit and Loss. Profit drives most investments – That’s the objective – PROFIT. 

An investment is nothing more than an asset (YOU) or an item acquired (RESOURCES) with the goal of generating income or appreciation (CAREER GROWTH).

It’s often about creating an INCREASE in value. As you develop more and more resources, you will see how well and how quickly things begin to shift and change…..for the better. So as you begin to map out a career path, a career shift, change, pivot, no matter the reasons, it’s your responsibility to manage your assets in a way that adds value and provides an excellent RETURN.

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