In all things, there are rules to abide by and it’s the rules that create the structure with which we live by….or should live by. However, it’s the risk taker that bends and sometimes breaks the rules that often makes the most noise, gets quality recognition and creates opportunities for themselves.

If you are passionate enough about what you believe in and feel that you are best served by knowing how to tactfully work the rules to your advantage, show your skills, strengths and result driven, what choice do you have? You gotta go for it!

Think about distilling all your passion, your hopes, your dreams and your skills and challenge yourself to do something meaningful with your life.

You can, by ignoring your deep-rooted passion and strong desire to be successful, create internal opposition and end up not achieving what you want. That self-inflicted conflict can be dangerous. Adversaries are everywhere and getting your voice heard is always challenging. That’s why it requires a sense of direction and a smart strategy to help get your message out in front.

Don’t think of your job as a competition. Don’t subject yourself to peer pressure. Think about it as a daily event and the interaction between you and those peers. Make it more about ‘peer partners’. Each day puts you in a new place that has new rules and regulations. What are the principals that govern the appropriate conduct? Think about what is allowable and what is possible. What are the guidelines for your daily event? Then put your own purpose in place and figure out what is the best strategy to get the mission complete. Always maintain the greater good and the added value that benefits the team and the organization.

I am not suggesting you defy the structure and blatantly break rules to get things done, but I am suggesting that you give ‘it’ a good think and make some quality decisions to get things accomplished. Remember, you are launching your brand. How you define yourself depends on not what you do, but HOW you do it.


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