I hear it all the time from “older” clients, friends and colleagues. “I have been searching high and low for a job and I keep hearing – nice resume, but I think you are over qualified”.

Over qualified often becomes a veiled way of saying ‘you’re to old’. And because of discrimination laws, ‘to old’ cannot be said. But if you are on the other side of this, it hurts. It stings….in a word it sucks. It’s a harsh reality – AGE DISCRIMINATION lives, breathes and can wear on you if you are in that category and want to ADD VALUE to some company in need of what you can do. 

Managing this is difficult and sometimes reaching out to the resources you have can be useful. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. You have to put it out there and open as many doors as you can. Talk to people. Open the dialogue. Initiate a conversation. Talk is cheap, as the saying goes is not accurate. Quite the contrary, if presented with the right intent and having the substance necessary to make a difference, that’s the best way to make progress. Conversation is the foundation to earn your way in. It’s up to you to take charge and make it happen. Age represents EXPERIENCE and EXPERIENCE is what we want and need. That’s where your ADDED VALUE is. Your history, your backstory have meaning and in the right environment, it will make a difference. Yea, I know – easier said than done…….

How doo you message this? How can you get an opportunity to present yourself? 

Difficult questions to answer and no one size fits all. The challenge is getting in front of someone. Once you do – You can present and make your case. But getting that chance is the first step. Utilize all your resources. Make a list of who you know and reach out. Because you have a backstory, you have no doubt created meaningful relationships along the way. That’s the best place to start. Doesn’t matter if you spoke to them yesterday or 5 years ago – Give them a call. Send them an email. Be proactive. Get motivated. It will take time but you can make this happen. Drive it. Direct it with purpose, heart and target appropriately. Know your strength. Know your value and be committed to yourself. Invest all the time it takes and when you land – It feels really good!

So don’t let anyone get in your way. Age is an ASSET.

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