Typically, when we hear that expression, it represents some kind of under the table activity that isn’t legal, but for me, ON THE TAKE represents something else entirely, and it’s all good. Did you know that TAKE is the tenth most used verb in the English language?

One of the nicest things we say when we leave someone is, ‘TAKE Care’. Did you ever attend a workshop, listen to a cool podcast, watch some instructional YouTube video, sit with a mentor and exchange ideas or have a teacher that was just so great, you looked forward to that class every day? Well, if you did, you always have a net TAKE away. Something to hold onto that can be valued for life. And not to TAKE advantage of these opportunities and people will create, for you, a missed opportunity. They are all worthwhile. TAKE into account, the lessons there are to be learned and leverage that to make you a better, smarter, more aware person. So, when I ask you, ‘hey what’s your TAKE on that, you will have something substantial to add. You might just say, ‘TAKE a look. When we work hard and we all do because nobody works easy, but when we do work hard, we TAKE a break and refuel. We might even TAKE a vacation.

Looking for your next career move, not sure where or how you will get there, you will TAKE a chance and see what lies ahead. And when you arrive for the interview, they will probably say, TAKE a seat. And finally, when you get the job, you will have a chance to excel, establish yourself, TAKE part and TAKE turns in the culture and maybe, just maybe with time and experience, you will have the opportunity to TAKE charge. That, of course would give cause for a double TAKE!

When you challenge yourself, you have to TAKE on something. And finally, when you are ready to begin anything, be smart, be aware, be engaged and TAKE your time.

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