As you map OUT your career path, land an internship, change your job, get promoted or engage in any career transition or disruptions, it’s critical for you to understand the OUTCOME. You are now on the market. You are actively considering a major change in your professional conditions and that will require your ability to ‘sell’ yourself. As you continue to push on, you must make talking points on your behalf that align with the companies or organizations you are targeting. 

Do you bring value? What kind of OUTPUT will you add? Can you OUTPRODUCE the other candidates? If you are fortunate enough to secure an interview, you may feel OUTNUMBERED because there are several candidates being seen. How will you convey your storyline and make an impact?

You are currently, in their minds, an OUTSIDER. Your job before you land it is to make your voice heard. Be OUTSPOKEN. Make your presentation clear and concise. Let them know that your OUTLOOK is based on industry knowledge, specific to your target. Having a cultural insight is an OUTSTANDING way to communicate the alignments between you and them.

The Covid OUTBREAK has offered alternatives for many companies. It’s important that you recognize what that remote experience looks like and that you are comfortable working OUTSIDE.

You OUTREACHED to this company for a reason. Maybe your need for a change is because you OUTGREW your current job and have a desire to elevate to the next level.  Take your time as you work the process. Do not push too fast and OUTRUN yourself, as that might cause a stumble.

Looking for a job can be an arduous experience so be kind to yourself and manage your time well. Take a strategic break – Find an OUTLET that allows you some ‘me’ time. It’s essential to disconnect from time to time. But do not abuse that. Stay committed. Stay the course; because if you don’t you just might end up in the OUTHOUSE.

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