So often, we focus on the BIG STUFF. Instinctively and often they seem to be more significant and we make them a priority based on sheer substance and size. When we do, we lose sight of the LITTLE THINGS that can be just as important and make a HUGE difference in our lives. Frequently, people will say, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ and clearly there is something to be said for that, but the little things carry a lot of weight too and need to be recognized for what they are. The little things in life add up to something worthy of our attention. They can be crucial to our lives, the things we do, the people we encounter, engage with and the small stuff can provide a wealth of information. I like and encourage not worrying about the small stuff, but I know there is something in there that needs my attention and I will always consider what it is and utilize that to my advantage. Don’t minimize the SMALL STUFF. Don’t take that for granted. The DETAILS, the little things in life add up and tell a BIG STORY. The small stuff can be inspiring and add great perspective to the BIG PICTURE. How you choose to manage what’s important is what will determine if it’s LARGE or SMALL. You regulate. You decide and you can CONTROL what lies in front of you. If you allow the BIG or LITTLE STUFF to get in your way, it will. Try not to let all of that INFLUENCE you into doing something you are not prepared to do. Stay focused on what matters and establish for yourself, ‘is this really worth the time and energy?’

At the end of the day, CONTROL it, self-command it and be your own SUPERVISOR.  Size will always matter.

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