Looking for a job? Looking to make a significant change in your professional life? You do know it’s NEVER too late. I am proof of that. Anyone that knows my backstory can tell you at a late stage in career development, I had no choice to PIVOT and reboot my career, but I did it and did it successfully. Many of my clients complain about ‘age’, being ‘older’ and what a detriment it is on career advancement. I tell them all the same thing – Get over it and let the hiring community know, it’s more about having experience, added value and not age.

And then there are my students at the University that are about to hit the streets for the very first time with both excitement and fear in their hearts. The anxiety many of them feel is normal and often due to lack of experience. Experience is what helps us move forward, build a professional life and climb the ladder of success. Each rung, each step takes time, but it provides experience, practical knowledge and allows all of us to add value.

So, as you continue to move your career forward and vertically know that you must be SMART about how you TARGET. Know what you want and go for it. SmarTarget will always put you in a place you want to be in.

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